About AppStrawBrandies/Branford Distillery

Tai Phan Lam, the founder and master distiller of AppStrawBrandies Distillery, wanted to create the first hangover free fruit spirits from New England fruits. As a biochemist, he discovered that some by-products from fermentation of fruits cause allergic reactions in certain groups of people who will experience hangover.

He has successfully developed a technique to achieve his goal to make hangover free fruit spirits. That wass the origin of AppStrawBrandies Distillery. Since apple and strawberry were two major fruits used for producing apple and strawberry brandies, the original name of the company was so created as AppStrawBrandies. Since the main facility is located in Branford Connecticut, it’s also known as Branford Distillery.

For the fermentation of grains, the amounts of harmful by-products causing hangover are very low. They can be removed by multiple times of distillation.

At our distillery we make spirits from corn, oat and barley malt, Asian and Japanese sweet rice. We brew our own wines with selected pure yeast cultures. We use the modern temperature-controlled electric pot and column stills to purify the spirits. As a result, our spirits are ultra-clear and fine with a very smooth taste. No hangover or head ache are reported from tasters and customers alike who have tasted our products. That is the great achievement from many years of research by the founder of AppStrawBrandies Distillery.

All products are handmade in small batches at the distillery. No artificial flavors or colors are used in the manufacturing processes.

Currently we also make the Connecticut Branford Bourbon Whiskey, American Single Malt Whiskey, Connecticut Vodkas from Japanese and asian sweet rice, Connecticut Gluten Free Corn Vodka from sweet corn, and ASB Vodkas from grapes and apple at the distillery.